Welcome to Quantum Psychology

Introducing the revolutionary New Psychological approach to counselling. Combining State of the Art Technology developed by neuroscientists with current understanding of how our perceptions impact on our mental and physical health. This approach transforms a client’s current experience with great clarity and precision, enabling great changes to take place.

Fiona Gilholme Hird is the only Psychotherapist in the state to trans-surf into quantum psychology, a revolutionary concept in the counselling world. Integrating a computerised medical bio-resonance technology, which is the world latest scientific achievement, with traditional Psychotherapeutic counselling techniques that allows for the practitioner to obtain objective analysis to evaluate the psycho-emotional state of the person, where human error is inevitably excluded.  This State of the Art non-linear diagnostic software allows Fiona to develop a further understanding of the client’s state of health since it directly depends on the emotional state and vice versa.

As a graduate in Psychology from Macquarie University, Fiona Gilholme Hird has created her own uniquely developed technique which allows her to narrow-down the major specific issue of the client, and to tailor-make the counselling strictly on a case-by-case basis according to their needs, in order to reach optimal results for the particular individual in the shortest possible time span.

Fiona Gilholme Hird is constantly being informed on new revelations in the scientific field,  as well as the latest scientific discoveries in areas relating to human perceptions, interpretations, emotions, subsequent traumas and other broad-spectrum psychological problems. These problems and issues deeply effect people’s physical state of health, everyday performance and happiness. It also influences problematic inter-personal relationships, interactions at home, work place, private life and general wellbeing.

In the modern age, everything is digital. Anything that a person can want to know about can be accessed by simply asking their electronic device to present them with it – be it a smartphone, computer or tablet. The world we know has changed into an artificial intelligence society, referred to as the Technological Era by scientists world-wide. Thus, as time changes, medicine and psychology must follow in its footsteps.

Albert Einstein penned what may be perceived a riddle, but what is an actual fact, reality. To quote, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.