Month: May 2019


My counselling experience with Fiona has been life changing. Through the use of a unique body scanning technology, she was able to identify specific health conditions of concern. Once identified, Fiona then worked with my subconscious mind to change my perceptions to reverse the health conditions which allowed me to heal


When I think about my sessions with Fiona I’m filled with gratitude. I first came to see her about 10 years ago when I was feeling lost, hollowed by self-criticism and disengaged with life. I still see her now, not because I’m in the same way, but because I experience the benefits of her guidance. …

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Fiona expresses undeniable knowledge through psychology and understanding how the psycho-emotional health effects the physical body. In doing so, she guides one to the bridge that leads to deeper thoughts, beliefs and synonymously the root of anxieties and worries. I have met with Fiona during the climax of trauma, and also during transitional times where …

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I really value the wholistic approach that Fiona utilizes through her counselling support and through the use of the medical technology. I have been able to acknowledge and work through different aspects of my life, and feel that I am today a better person for what I have learnt from my work with Fiona. It …

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Having regular sessions with Fiona has created continual upgrades in my life experience. Her profound level of understanding, insight and care for her clients and her ability to assist transformation in others is, in my experience, unique. I got in contact with Fiona for support after my marriage ended and it has been truly life …

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M. D.

When I started counselling with Fiona, I didn’t know what to expect. After my first session I felt supported, listened to and understood in a safe and comfortable environment. Through Fiona’s guidance, I learnt so much about myself. I learnt new tools to use in my life to support my growth and changes. These changes …

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After getting married and having children, all while juggling a demanding job that was becoming less and less rewarding, I found myself very unhappy. I felt I should know what to do – all my life I had known what to do – but this time I just didn’t. Then thankfully I found Fiona. I …

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T. (London)

Fiona is reassuring and compassionate and has been instrumental in helping me to understand the underlying patterns that have contributed to my feelings and behaviour. Thanks to Fiona, I now have an arsenal of motivational tools on how to regulate my emotions, and am learning to reframe emotions; my life is transforming in both workplace …

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I found myself in my mid 40s needed some professional help with a major life event and I was recommended to Fiona by a friend who had seen her in the past. And thank goodness I was…. From the moment I walked into her room, I felt at ease and able to really open up …

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The McGurk Effect!

 What we see can change what we hear.   The McGurk Effect, which was seen on BBC Two – Horizon: is seeing Believing?  shows that what we see can change what we hear. That in order to maintain within our system a coherent world view sometimes our sense of vision can over-ride and take …

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