Be an Influencer by being Yourself


Being a social influencer is one way to impact change and the world around us. However, it is important to remember we are all doing this every moment in our current lives.

By being ourselves, we influence the world and are influenced in return

Everyone is an Influencer, and everyone is important.

We are constantly influencing the world around us just from being who we are. We are essential to the world, each of us is needed and each of us has different information about life. We may not always enjoy our experiences; however we definitely have the opportunity to learn from them. There is wisdom and value within each event in life. We assist others to grow and others assist us. Maybe we are not a ranking on an invisible hierarchy, judging ourselves by what we do, where we have been, who we know. Maybe our experiences/information we get from our everyday interactions is what is valuable, it is rich in learning. We are filled with value and constantly creating more value. Our value is our information. We can’t get rid of our learning, it is always being created. How valuable is that. How valuable is each person? We don’t see it only because we have been taught that value is what we do. We can’t compare our value with anyone and rank it. Our experiences are invaluable, it is how we learn over time.

We are all learning differently. We don’t need to prove our value, just by being here, being ourselves influences the world. We contribute with our understanding and we receive information back. We are on a biofeedback system with the Universe. We get constant support in learning about ourselves. How cool is life and how essential is everyone in it? We are all influencers daily regardless of our social media status. I think this is so important to remember.

Bringing it back to counselling.

Counselling becomes a space to reflect on our current beliefs, to look at what is being created in a person’s life. If you want to influence life differently, counselling can be a place to reflect. Life can be lived from a new understanding, and a new reality is created that reflects the change.