Be an Influencer by being Yourself


Being a social influencer is one way to impact change and the world around you. However, it is important to remember you are doing this every moment in your current life.

By being yourself, you influence the world and are influenced in return

Everyone is an Influencer, and everyone is important. 

Lets be curious about this concept that everyone is important and look at our understanding of Value?  How do we measure it and define it?  Maybe there are other ways?

Do you know that you are constantly influencing the world around you just from being who you are? Just like each piece in a clock makes the clock function, each one of us is needed as we all have different information creating life. You may not always enjoy your experiences/events and your relationships with people within those events; however you definitely have the opportunity to learn from them.

There is wisdom and value within each event/experience that you have in life. You are always assisting others to grow and others are assisting you. Maybe then, you are not a ranking on an invisible hierarchy, where you are judging yourself by what you do, where you have been, who you know; maybe the experiences and information you get from your everyday interactions is what is valuable?  It would then seem that you are filled with value and you are constantly creating more value because you are continually having experiences . Your value then would be your information, not how good you do something.  Your value would be the constant learnings you are having every second. That way you cannot get rid of your value, it is always being created.

That would mean that you can never be less than, or more than – less than or more than what? Your experiences are your experiences and they can never be rated as they contain individually based experiences direct from life. Have you noticed that your friend/colleague/etc.. may be going out with the same kind of partner over and over again, same style of relationship just a different person?  Why is that?  It would seem that life will keep giving you the same experiences over and over again until you have learnt the wisdom that is required to create another kind of reality.  Each person then is influencing/assisting others and being assisted back creating continual upgrades through this constant learning in life.

Have you noticed that when the person perceives their situation differently, aware for instance how they might be treated they learn to do things differently meeting someone more in aligned with their changes.  This initial learning then of repeating responses to situations and choosing the same thing over and over is valuable as the person then has a whole library of information learning about relationships.  They learn what occurs when you participate and influence the situation in a particular way.  They maybe learning about boundaries, respect, power, control, communication,  etc…. Choosing that style of partner was not good or bad, as it was what the person needed to explore, it is a learning that was necessary for them to develop.

You may have been taught that you are only valuable if……, if you do better at school, if you buy a house, if you create wealth, if you travel.  This is only a perception and one it seems a lot of us have ingested and taken to describe what value is.  No wonder we are going up and down each day according to this perception.  If you live through this lens you will always have to prove your worth against others. One minute you are better than, and the next you are not deserving and less than. How exhausting is that.  You can influence in ways that lead to exhaustion or by perceiving differently you can influence with more awareness and ease.

Value never goes up and down, that is only what you have been taught.   You can’t compare your value with anyone and rank it.  Your value is always increasing, your experiences are then invaluable, it is how you learn over time.

We are all learning differently. You don’t need then to prove your value, just by being here, being yourself influences the world.  You are needed in that exact moment when you played a part in your own development and others.  That Event was necessary for you both.  It provided essential information.  You contribute with your understanding and you receive information back. You are on a biofeedback system with the Universe. You get constant support in learning about yourself. You are all then influencers daily regardless of your social media status. I think this is so important to remember.

Bringing it back to counselling.

Counselling becomes a space to reflect on your current perceptions about yourself, others and life, to look at what is being created and what you want to be different.  To look at what maybe repeating over and over again and to challenge outdated perceptions in order to create something new. Life can then be lived from a new understanding, and a new reality is created that reflects the change.

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