Life Coaching

Fiona understands that some clients prefer to be coached on specific issues.  Clients maybe wanting to change roles within their company, get a promotion, start a business or be supported to change a friendship dynamic.  There maybe a need to be assisted with interpersonal relationships in the workplace, home or friendship circle. Fiona can then be seen as a coach guiding the client to work on specific goals, monitor progress and work on anything that maybe interrupting the end result. Fiona works as a trainer to assist the client to learn about their feelings, to decode bodily messages and to upgrade old perceptions/beliefs that are no longer serving the client.

Often companies allocate money for ECP, (external counselling professionals) assisting employees towards better self care.  Fiona can be part of that self care and work with your organisation to achieve this goal. Coaching is a great option for people within organisations to work with a coach to better understand themselves, what they want and then being assisted to have the courage to achieve their goals.

“Fiona knows the freedom and health that’s possible through transforming old, life limiting beliefs and perceptions and she’s tenaciously committed to assisting her clients experience this sense of freedom and health for themselves. It’s such a strengthening experience to have her support on my journey. My life is profoundly richer as a result”. H

The difference between Coaching and Therapy

The main difference between coaching and therapy is that coaching will be focused on the clients immediate goal, it is present and future focused with the aim of achieving an outcome or solution.  Therapy is working with clients internal patterns and perceptions that have their roots in the subconscious.  It looks at the past, the clients history/ family of origin to understand the present and to bring change to the clients current experience and future experiences.