When I think about my sessions with Fiona I’m filled with gratitude. I first came to see her about 10 years ago when I was feeling lost, hollowed by self-criticism and disengaged with life. I still see her now, not because I’m in the same way, but because I experience the benefits of her guidance. I’m stronger, I love life, I treasure my relationships and I’m passionate about learning and gaining wisdom from my life experiences.

Fiona is authentic, powerfully and exceptionally skilled at her work. Her unique approach draws on her extensive knowledge of psychology, a deep understanding of working with the subconscious and the latest diagnostic software. I was skeptical about the software at first, but it’s been a really useful tool. It’s helped us identify areas of focus, monitor progress and provide a powerful reason for change.

Fiona knows the freedom and health that’s possible through transforming old, life limiting beliefs and perceptions and she’s tenaciously committed to assisting her clients experience this sense of freedom and health for themselves. It’s such a strengthening experience to have her support on my journey. My life is profoundly richer as a result

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