I found myself in my mid 40s needed some professional help with a major life event and I was recommended to Fiona by a friend who had seen her in the past.

And thank goodness I was….

From the moment I walked into her room, I felt at ease and able to really open up and discuss what I was thinking and feeling.

The difference with Fiona, is that from the moment she greets you with her warm smile and kind eyes, you know that she is someone you can really talk to. And talk I did!

But the element that I admired the most was that Fiona really listens to you and offers you support and guidance allowing you to really feel like you are being equipped with the life skills to be able to face anything.

Fiona has helped me in ways that I could have never even imagined were possible and I truly believe I am a better version of myself today because of her help.

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