Keeping up with current advancements in Neuropsychology and increasing information on Neuroplasicity Fiona has now integrated into her practice a computerised medical bio-resonance technology, which is the world latest scientific achievement.  This technology allows Fiona to develop a further understanding of a client’s emotional experience.

“After getting married and having children, all while juggling a demanding job that was becoming less and less rewarding, I found myself very unhappy. I felt I should know what to do – all my life I had known what to do – but this time I just didn’t. Then thankfully I found Fiona.” J

Introducing the revolutionary New Psychological approach to counselling. Combining State of the Art Technology developed by Neuroscientists with current understanding of how our perceptions impact on our mental and physical health. This approach transforms a client’s current experience with great clarity and precision, enabling great changes to take place.

As a graduate in Psychology from Macquarie University, Fiona has created her own uniquely developed technique which allows her to narrow-down the major specific issue of the client, and to tailor-make the counselling strictly on a case-by-case basis in order to reach optimal results for each client.

“It is truly incredible to see the results that come from the technology, and then to experience the changes that begin to occur in my life just from the information that comes through in these results”. A

In the modern age, everything is digital. Anything that a person can want to know about can be accessed by simply asking their electronic device to present them with it – be it a smartphone, computer or tablet. The world we know has changed into an artificial intelligence society, referred to as the Technological Era by scientists world-wide. Thus, as time changes, medicine and psychology must follow in its footsteps.  Fiona is embracing this change and working with it to assist her to be a better practitioner in the many years to come.