Quantum Psychology – Combining state of the Art Technology developed by neuroscientists with current understanding of how our perceptions impact on our mental and physical health. The software allows to evaluate, in real-time, the emotional background of a client and detect interrelation between development of mental and somatic processes and the emotional state of a client.

Most people would like to have a comfortable and wealthy life that is free from disease and traumas. Unfortunately people tend to underestimate their thoughts, and then wonder where their problems come from. How does the thought have that destructive effect? The subconscious has a unique ability to learn. The human subconscious program has its own structural elements, consisting of: a neuropsychological apparatus, social and individual regulations which make up the personal story of a person. The language of this program is the human language – a set of symbols and signs. Nothing but our intentions and thoughts make this program work in a certain way. They are clothed in words, images, sounds, feelings or movements. Our thought is a specific universal instrument; with our thoughts, we create our unique world. Everything was just a thought in the beginning –from money, houses, roads, relationships, etc. When there appears a thought, it forms specific ways of human behavior that are later turned into reality.

The subconscious can be compared to the underwater part of an iceberg; it is much more than the conscious and, at the same time, it is hidden from us. The subconscious stores all the information and controls all our functions in the organism through the central nervous systems, flexes and instincts, habits and mechanical actions, and generations of thoughts and behavioral patterns – and this is not even the full list of the services that are performed by our subconscious mind.

Our thoughts and feelings form strictly individual spatial-frequency torsion fields. That is why before we achieve true progress in medicine and psychology we have to learn to interpret our emotional disorders as disharmonic fluctuations affecting normal function condition of an organism.

There is such a close connection between emotions and development of a disease that sometimes it is possible to foresee the course of a person’s disease by evaluation of his/her emotional stress. The main thing is to see how a person deals with his/her stress, to identify emotions, personal tolerance – all these things may be evaluated by the software’s psycho-emotional screen function.