“Fiona is reassuring and compassionate and has been instrumental in helping me to understand the underlying patterns that have contributed to my feelings and behaviour”.  T(London)


Fiona is constantly being informed on issues relating to human perceptions, emotions and subsequent traumas. These issues deeply effect people’s physical state of health, everyday performance and happiness. They also influence inter-personal relationships, interactions at home, work place, private life and general well being. Fiona understands this and is committed to assisting clients to gain deep understanding of their current situation. Fiona conveys curiosity and knowing that change is possible and by working together a new way of being in the world is achievable.  


What is Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy is an approach that assists clients to learn from their bodily reactions and to understand their emotions rather than trying to escape from them, control them or dissociate from them.  Our emotions are always informing us of our current experience and it is a real skill to be able to interpret them and act from them in appropriate ways.  When we learn this skill we are increasing our emotional intelligence.  We learn when and how to express emotions and when it might not be appropriate. 


“Having regular sessions with Fiona has created continual upgrades in my life experience. Her profound level of understanding, insight and care for her clients and her ability to assist transformation in others is, in my experience, unique”. N


Fiona will assist clients to evaluate what is occurring in the body, to develop a curiosity for observation, building a tolerance within the client to be with themselves and to know how to act on the signals that they are receiving.   Often reactivity towards life, an event, colleague, partner or friend can be that the current situation has invoked a memory of the clients past. As a result the person will react from their understanding of the situation.  Their understanding is based on past experience and what they concluded at that time.  If it is bringing them the same results then it is signalling to the client that their perceptions of the situation maybe needing to be updated.  Fiona works with clients to change these repeating patterns.


Other Theories that influence Fiona’s Work

Jung, Gestalt, Rogerian, Mindfulness, Narrative and Systemic counselling.


Clients having Choice

Fiona’s practice is a psychological practice that is based on her years of clinical experience.  When embarking on counselling, clients may choose to work with the bio-resonance software as part of this process and other clients may choose not to.  Both these decisions are respected and honoured as each person learns in their own personal and unique way.

What Fiona offers is a pathway for those interested in technology and the advancements that have been created by it, allowing more insight into our subconscious through a non invasive, safe and informative way. Whilst also catering for clients that would prefer to be benefited by Fiona’s knowledge in psychology without the assistance of software. Both are equally beneficial.


Fiona is authentic, powerfully and exceptionally skilled at her work. Her unique approach draws on her extensive knowledge of psychology, a deep understanding of working with the subconscious and the latest diagnostic software. I was skeptical about the software at first, but it’s been a really useful tool. It’s helped us identify areas of focus, monitor progress and provide a powerful reason for change”. H


Clinical Supervisor

Fiona is a Clinical Supervisor at the Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy for students completing the Graduate Certificate and Diploma.

Fiona is also available to see Counsellors or Students for Supervision.  Fiona is committed in mentoring students and guiding Counsellors in the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and client.

Life Coaching

Fiona understands that some clients prefer to be coached on specific issues.  Clients maybe wanting to change roles within their company, get a promotion, start a business or be supported to change a friendship dynamic.  There maybe a need to be assisted with interpersonal relationships in the workplace, home or friendship circle. Fiona can then be seen as a coach guiding the client to work on specific goals, monitor progress and work on anything that maybe interrupting the end result. Fiona works as a trainer to assist the client to learn about their feelings, to decode bodily messages and to upgrade old perceptions/beliefs that are no longer serving the client.

Often companies allocate money for ECP, (external counselling professionals) assisting employees towards better self care.  Fiona can be part of that self care and work with your organisation to achieve this goal. Coaching is a great option for people within organisations to work with a coach to better understand themselves, what they want and then being assisted to have the courage to achieve their goals.

“Fiona knows the freedom and health that’s possible through transforming old, life limiting beliefs and perceptions and she’s tenaciously committed to assisting her clients experience this sense of freedom and health for themselves. It’s such a strengthening experience to have her support on my journey. My life is profoundly richer as a result”. H

The difference between Coaching and Therapy

The main difference between coaching and therapy is that coaching will be focused on the clients immediate goal, it is present and future focused with the aim of achieving an outcome or solution.  Therapy is working with clients internal patterns and perceptions that have their roots in the subconscious.  It looks at the past, the clients history/ family of origin to understand the present and to bring change to the clients current experience and future experiences.